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Strawberry and pistachio tart ( Makes 1 5" tart and 2 smaller 2" tarts)
Course: Dessert, frangipanetart
Keyword: christmas, frangipanetart, tarts
For the Pâte sucrée:
  • 125 g all-purpose flour
  • 62 g caster sugar
  • 62 g unsalted butter cut into cubes
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 30 g egg About ½ an egg
For the pistachio frangipane:
  • 50 g unsalted butter cut into cubes
  • 50 g caster sugar
  • 62 g eggs room temperature
  • 25 g ground pistachios
  • 25 g ground almonds
  • 22 g all-purpose flour
For the pistachio crème mousseline:
  • 125 ml milk
  • 25 g egg yolks
  • 25 g caster sugar
  • 15 g cornflour
  • 15 g pistachio paste
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 50 g unsalted butter cut into cubes, room temperature
  • green food colouring optional
Steps to make the Pate Sucree:
  1. Whisk flour and castor sugar in a medium bowl.
  2. Add butter and rub it into the flour sugar mixture until consistency of fine breadcrumbs
  3. Add in egg and vanilla and mix till just combined.
  4. Roll out dough into a flat disc and cling wrap it. Chill in refrigerator for at least 30 mins or overnight
  5. Preheat oven to 180 deg celsius
  6. Spray tart shells with cooking spray
  7. Roll dough to about 3mm thick and press into tart shell
  8. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the shell and weigh it down using uncooked beans/rice or weights.
  9. Blind bake the tart shells for about 15mins. Remove the parchment paper containing your weights and bake another 5-10 mins until golden brown
Steps to make the pistachio frangipane:
  1. Preheat oven to 180 deg celcius.
  2. Using a hand mixer, beat the butter and sugar until pale and light
  3. Add in eggs and continue to beat until well incorporated
  4. Add in ground almonds, pistachio and flour and mix until just combined
  5. Fill the pre baked tart shells with the pistachio batter till about 2/3 full. It will expand as it bakes in the oven
  6. Bake for about 18-20 mins until frangipane is golden brown and springs back to touch.
Steps to make the Pistachio Creme Mousseline:
  1. Place milk into a medium saucepan to boil
  2. Concurrently, whisk egg yolks and sugar in a separate bowl until well combined before adding cornflour.
  3. When milk is boiling, take the milk off and pour it slowly into egg mixture. Whisk continuously when you pour the milk to prevent cooking of the egg yolks.
  4. Pour the egg and milk mixture back into the pot and reduce fire to low.
  5. Whisk continuously and vigorously until the mixture starts to thicken into a smooth paste. ( I usually alternate hands whisking).
  6. Allow the pastry cream to cook for at least 2-3 mins more before taking it off the heat.
  7. Whisk in the pistachio paste and vanilla extract
  8. Transfer pastry cream into a large bowl and press cling wrap onto the surface. Refrigerate until cool.
  9. When the cream is cooled, whisk it using a hand held mixer.
  10. Add in the Room temperature butter a few cubes at a time and beat till light and fluffy.
  11. Add in food coloring here if you like a more green cream.
  12. To assemble tart, transfer some mousseline into a piping bag and pipe the cream onto the tart. ( using piping tip of your choice)
  13. Decorate with strawberries or more pistachios.
  14. If you have any leftovers, refrigerate them. It not tart can be kept for 2-4 days in the fridge.