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Non Baked Cheesecake Recipe( Makes one 6" Round tin):
Course: Dessert
Ingredients for crust base:
  • 50 g digestive biscuits crushed
  • 20 g melted butter
Ingredients for Cheesecake filling:
  • 250 g Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 70 g castor sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla paste
  • 14 g gelatin dissolved in 50ml hot water
  • 200 ml whipping cream
  • Drop of Red food gel
Steps for Base:
  1. Crush digestive biscuits till fine

  2. Melt butter in a saucepan

  3. Add biscuits and mix till well coated

  4. Press into lined tin and refrigerate while preparing your cheesecake filling

Steps for cheese filling:
  1. Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Set aside to cool

  2. Beat Cream cheese with sugar until well combined

  3. Add vanilla paste

  4. Whip cream till soft peaks

  5. Add cooled gelatin ( Should not be hot to touch) to cream cheese mixture and mix until combined

  6. Fold in whipped cream.

  7. Separate cream cheese into 3 bowls equally.

  8. Leave 1 bowl entirely white, for the 2nd bowl, add one drop of red gel and mix. To the other bowl, add a few drops of red gel to get a deeper color and mix.

  9. Place the white cream cheese into the prepared pan.

  10. Add the lighter pink cream cheese followed by the darker pink creamcheese

  11. Set in fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.