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Welcome to the Bakersphere. Many thanks for popping by!

With much determination and encouragement from the beloved people in my life, SHERBAKES is finally up. YAY! Here, you’ll find a gallery of freshly baked products from the very hearts of the kitchen.  

The website says it all but anyway here’s just a little bibliography about myself.. I love to bake 😉 I graduated with a business degree but I’m also a self taught baker who draws inspiration from reading baking blogs, books and watching cooking shows and videos.. Most of the creations you see in this websites are learnt, improved and modified over the many years of attempts and failures.  

7 years ago, I attempted to bake an oreo cheesecake and after that my life was never the same. I’ve been baking ever since and this has meant the world to me. From them on, I’m always known by my peers as the baker or the girl who bakes.I am thankful I was able to get the chance to work at both a restaurant and a bakery which has opened my eyes to the world of glorious food and desserts!!

I like experimenting with new desserts, building on flavors and textures in my baked goods and sharing these new creations to excite the palates of all the important people in my life- my family and friends. I bake during my free time and that sometimes means way past bedtime or the wee hours of the morning. And as like most bakers, I’m a hard core dessert lover with the sweetest tooth ever. I could have desserts every meal and still dream about them.

This website is actually a continuation of my foodie/baking journey but with more pictures and is solely catered to the “sweeter side of life”. To view more of my culinary adventures, feel free to follow me on various social media at the links below.  


I welcome any feedbacks, suggestions from like-minded foodies like you. Please feel free to drop me an email under the contact below if you have any queries.

To conclude, I would like to thank my heavenly father for the talent he has given me so that I can be a blessing to the people around me, my family who has been my constant moral and physical support and all my friends who have been part of this exciting gastronomic adventure with me (Thanks for being my guinea pigs!! Hahaa )

And like they all say, “Life is too short, Eat desserts first”. So Lets go desserts, Lets go

Baking regards,

Sheryl, the girl who truly loves to bake 😉 
Email: sherbakes@gmail.com

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