Strawberry Santa Hats for Christmas

Still thinking about what to make this Christmas? Here’s an easy treat that is pleasing to the eye, fun to make with your kids and the best thing is IT’S HEALTHY! Take a break from all that sugary cookies and pies and indulge in these today!

It took me like 10mins to make then. It’s so simple to make and you can always make them the day before.

Strawberry Santa Hats 



– Strawberries ( depending on how many hats you want to make)

– Apricot gel or White chocolate candy melts ( Basically anything that is sticky)

– Dessicated Coconut



1) Cut the top of the strawberry to form a flat base for the hat

2) Melt White chocolate candy melts ( if using)

3) Dip base of strawberry into gel or candy melts

4) Dip base into desiccated coconut. The coconut should be stuck onto the gel or candy coating.

5) Top with a marshmallow.

6) Enjoy!

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