4 days Santorini and Athens Greece Itinerary

Amazing 3-4 Days Santorini and Athens Greece Itinerary

Finally we can tick Greece off our bucket list. Santorini has been one of our shortlisted places to go for Honeymoon but after much consideration, we decided to go with Hawaii ( and you can tell by how much we love Hawaii by our adventures here)

So as requested by many, here’s our 3-4 day Greece itinerary which covers Athens and Santorini. We visited another Greek Island – Milos ( which is the Island for lovers) which I will be covering in another post because that island is so beautiful, it deserves a separate post on its own.

Our scoot flight flew into Athens direct. It was a 11-12 hour flight. Btw if you book Scoot early and manage to catch their deal, it’s actually quite cheap to fly there. ( We booked almost a year in advance and paid $400 return per pax.)

Our first day was spent in Athens and the next 2-3 days was spent in Santorini.

Day 1- Athens Greece Itinerary

Shad and I take our food very seriously. Sometimes we revisit places because of their food. So when we landed and checked into our hotel, we exited shortly to find food. GREEK Food to be exact.

Saavas Restaurant

91 Ermou Monastiraki, Athens 105 55 Greece (Sun – Sat 9:00 AM – 2:00 AM)

Savvas Athens

Saavas was recommended by our hotel. It serves Greek and Middle Eastern Cuisine. You can smell the meat even before entering the restaurant. Their menu was extensive!! In the end we settled for their Giaourtlou Kebabs (Homemade pita, yoghurt with homemade tomato sauce- EUR 9.50) which was so good. The meat was so tender and the sauce that went on it was heavenly. We also tried the Kesaria Pie (EUR 6) which consisted of a thin filo dough that is super crispy. It’s filled with Armenian pastourma and kasseri cheese and tomatoes. We were quiet throughout the entire meal. So good! Portions are HUGE so please come here hungry or share.

Falafel House

23 Leoforos Athinas, Athens 105 54 Greece (Mon- Sat: 11am-11pm)

Falafel House

I had to make sure Falafel was part of my Greece Itinerary! I mean how can anyone go to Greece without trying Falafel!! We had the ones from Falafel House and were blown away by their Mexican version. I didn’t really have much expectation of “Spicy food here” But their Mexican sauce was SPICY. Coupled with the tahini and hummus sauce, it made eating that wrap a bomb I swear. It was the first time Shad had falafel and he was amazed at how good a non meat item could taste. ( The ones in Santorini didnt have Mexican so please eat your fill in Athens)

Acropolis of Athens 

Acropolis of Athens greece itinerary

And of course we did what ALL tourist would do- visit the Acropolis of Athens. I read how crowded it could be during the summer months and how people had to queue for hours just to enter so we bought a skip the line ticket from Viator You can just proceed straight to the entrance without having to queue for the tickets. However you have to collect the physical tickets from an office near the Acropolis which wasn’t that far away. It cost EUR20 for entrance to the Acropolis but the skip the line tickets were only 3 Eur more (EUR23) so I would definitely pay that extra to skip waiting under the scorching heat. Plus if you book through shopback, you get 9% cashback Muahhaha so it doesnt make much difference.

Acropolis Greece Itinerary

The Acropolis was CROWDED, windy and sun was so hot! Bring lots of water… It was pretty nice to walk around though. We went around 4.30pm. It wasnt so crowded then but at 6pm, there were swarms of people. ( Probably wanting to see the sunset). Gotta admit, Greece Sunsets are amazing so take a chance whenever you can.

Le Greche

16 Mitropoleos Street Syntagma, Athens 10557 Greece

Le Greche

Known for their Gelatos with gluten free options. We had the mint chocolate chip and hazelnut! Yums!


119 Andrianou Plaka, Athens 105 58 Greece

Kosmikon Athens

When in Greece, spam the dips, hummus and pita. That’s what we did. Everywhere we went, the dips didn’t disappoint. Order the platter of dips so you can try a variety. The seafood pasta at Kosmikon was delicious. You can really taste the flavor of seafood in the pasta.

Central Market Athens/Plaka/ Ermou Street

Athens Central Market

We took a walk around Plaka – where the majority of cafes and restaurants are and also Ermou Street – Athens main Shopping Street. Lots of things to look see look see. We visited Athens Central market – where they sell a variety of seafood/ meat (RAW) and fresh fruits.



There are a few ways to get to Santorini from Athens – Ferry or Plane. We opted for the later (45mins flight) as the journey by ferry took quite long.

AND SO WE WERE FINALLY IN SANTORINI :):) The all talked about Honeymoon Destination. The sunset here is amazing. We watched the sunset every single day because there was nothing much to do around the island.

Sunset in Santorini greece itinerary

I can’t emphasise this more BUT the BEST WAY to get around the island is by ATV/ Quad bike. It gives you the best experience since the roads in Santorini are pretty Narrow. Parking is free so you can basically park in any lot you find. AWESOME right. Quad rental companies are everywhere and they range btw EUR50- 160 depending on the engine. We opted for a Quad with covered top because the sun was too intense (EUR 110 per day).

ATV Greece

Santorini is a sea of Blue and White Everywhere. The picture below was taken at Oia. The Northwestern part where everyone goes to watch the sunset and takes photos aka the most crowded place on the island.

Oia Santorini greece itinerary

We went at around 5pm. Surprisingly it wasnt as crowded as it seemed so we managed to snap a couple of shots at the “Signature Blue Dome”. After 10 mins, THERE WAS A LINE. Btw you have to queue if you want this shot. Just pray that the people infront you don’t take toooo long with their poses if not Good luck waiting under the scorching heat.

Santorini oia

If you roam around, you’ll see pretty pink flowers too! Great for OOTD.

Santorini Pink Flowers greece itinerary

You can alternatively seek cover under one of those trees. We found this quiet spot while roaming around the island. (Sorry I forgot where exactly we were). The further you roam, you’ll find some magical spot with no tourist and you can spam all the photos you want. Part of the whole greece itinerary experience.

Santorini Greece itinerary 2019


Oia 84702 Greece

Pitogyros Santorini greece itinerary

The gyros and kebabs here are so so so so good. We came back everyday just for this and everyday our appetite got bigger. They recommend everything on the menu ( which is pretty common when we ask them to recommend something). Choose the pork and kebabs. THE BEST.

Solo Gelato 

Oia 84700 Greece

solo gelato

We came here 4 times and made friends with the server. They have a self service froyo station with tons of toppings and sauces ( Something like llaollao) and a gelato station ( Try the pistachio and Dark Chocolate sorbet- you won’t regret it)

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna

Ammoudi Bay, Oia 847 02 Greece

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna

You can either choose to view the sunset at the top of Oia or at the bottom where the restaurants are. We chose the latter because we were hungry and we wanted to chill over food and drinks. We started from the top of Oia and walked down the cobbled path all the way to Dimitris. Quite alot of Horse poop here since this is their path ( If you’re lazy to walk, you can take a horse ride at only EUR6). We wanted to take the ride back up after dinner but they closed at 8pm.

Sunset by oia greece itinerary

We had the first row view since we made a reservation before hand. To be honest, Sunset in Oia was BEAUTIFUL but crowded. We must preferred the sunset at Thera/Fira where we stayed. We stayed at a lovely airbnb by Georgia. The view was stunning and you could have dinner by the pouch at your own privacy.

thera santorini

The picture below was taken at our pouch. In the morning and evening, you can see cruise ships by the sea. People watch at its best! The town of Fira is just a short 5-10 mins walk from our accommodation. Very lively and happening as well with tons of shops and restaurants.

Santorini Greece

We also visited the South of the Island where the beaches are but I’m not gonna post anything on them because we were out of those places as soon as we arrived. Advise: SANTORINI is not well known for their beaches. Hope you found our Santorini and athens Greece Itinerary useful. Should you have any questions, do send in your comments below and i’ll try my best to help 😉


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