4 Days Milos Greece Itinerary – The Island Of Lovers

4 Day Milos Greece Itinerary- The Island Of Lovers

Milos Greece

I’m back again with my 4 day Milos itinerary as promised. Do check out our Athens and Santorini 3-4 days itinerary if you have not already. It has some tips on where to go, which part of the island to stay and our favourite restaurants/ desserts!

To be honest, I fell in love with Milos more than I fell in love with Santorini. Santorini was just crowded period. I got fed up with people hogging the photo spots and pushing their way through the already narrow paths. Milos was much more peaceful and the beaches were amazing. It had sort of the chill vibes that all vacation should have.

Milos the island of lovers

Milos is the southwesternmost island of the Cyclades Archipelago in the Aegean sea. It’s called “the island of lovers” because the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty was discovered in the island in 1820. It’s also called the “island of colors” due to the fascinating color formations of its spectacular volcanic landscape. If you’re a geologist, you’ll totally fall in love with this island. Lots of history behind the rocks.

Ok I shall not bore you with facts but rather flood you with photos. We took a couple of amazing photos which I will be sharing throughout my entire post so keep your eyes glued till the end! Don’t leave!!

Milos Itinerary

After our stay in Santorini ( you can check out what we did in my other post), we took a Seajet (by FerryHopper) to Milos. It was direct and took us about 2 hours to get there. You can collect the physical tickets in Athens or at the departure port. The ferry alighted us at Adamas port which is the main port and where all the yachts/boats are docked and restaurants are. We rented a car to get us around the island. Although if you ask me, i would have much preferred renting an ATV again! They have even cooler versions in Milos and plus it doesnt take long to get from one end of MIlos to the other.

Day 1 – Milos Itinerary 

After checking in to our hotel, we headed to Plaka- the area of traditional Greek Blue and White houses and many restaurants and shops for lunch.

Lunch at Archontoula


The server recommended us their signature “homemade Balls” which were made from herbs, cheese and eggs. It was so good!! Their lamb was not too bad as well. Shad had shrimp pasta and it was delightful.


Plaka 848 00, Greece


If you walk around Plaka, you will notice that most of the houses are White and Blue. Typical of Greek Houses. If you’re into lifestyle, there are definitely many spots for you to take your OOTD!

Plaka Milos

Having heard so many good reviews about the magical sunset on top of the Plaka Castle, we decided to make our way there. We had to walk abit of narrow trails and slope till the top but it was manageable. We were there at 5pm before the sunset and it wasnt crowded yet. We had the view of entire Milos all to ourselves.

Venetian Kastro of Milos

Plaka castle

Unobstructed view of the sunset.

Plaka At Milos

Headed back to Adamas for Dinner. Mikros Apoplous was recommended by hotel for great seafood pastas and fresh fish.

Mikros Apoplous

The food was amazing. Our fav was the Fried Calamari. Juicy Squids in a lovely crisp batter. The view by the sea was amazing too.

Mikros Apoplous

Seafront, Adamas 84800 Greece ( Opening hours: 1pm-12am)


Do stop by Aggeliki for some ice cream and waffles. The shop is located right at Adamas port and is always packed. We were there 4 times for their gelato. Their Ferrero Rocher gelato was the bomb!


Day 2- Milos Itinerary

Oneiro Boat Tour

If you talk to any locals staying in Milos, they will always tell you not to leave Milos without visiting Kleftiko and Sarakiniko (White Rock) Beach. Sarakiniko is on the North side of the island (I’ll cover more on it below under Day 3) and Kleftiko is on the Southwest of the island but it’s inaccessible with a car. The only way to visit Kleftiko is by Boat. I highly recommend the tour below. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

kleftiko Milos greece

We took a boat tour by Oneiro Milos around the South side of the island on the second day. It was the best tour I have ever taken. ( Comparing all the tours I have taken all over the world). The Captain of the boat was so engaging, he knew how to treat his customers well, we were fed to the brim. We learnt alot about the islands and history ( and he managed to do it in a fun and engaging way). The scenery was drop dead gorgeous. The whole experience was simply unforgettable and mindblowing. It’s no wonder they are the top boat tours in Milos and they truly deserve a 5 star rating ( No less).

I’ll let pictures speak for themselves. The areas we visited were Kleftiko, Paliochori, Tsigrado and Firiplaka.

kleftiko greece

cave greece milos


We explored some of the caves as well. Although the water was freaking cold, it added to the experience.

Marianna Restaurant

The tour ended at Adamas. We had a quick dinner at Marianna which serves amazing fresh fish.

Marianna adamas


Adamas Port, Adamas 848 01 Greece


Day 3- Milos 

Milos Mandrakia

Made out way to Mandrakia- a cute fishing village with colorful houses and turquoise waters near the houses. The deep blue starts after that. Such a beautiful sight.

Mandrakia Milos

Milos greece itinerary


We had lunch at Medusa Restaurant right next to the waters. They serve amazing Squid. We had the Fried calamaris again and Octopus ( Grilled as well as the ones cooked in vinegar)

Medusa Milos


Mandrakia 848 00 Greece ( Opens 10-12am)


Firopotamus Beach

Firopotamos Beach in Milos itinerary

We then proceeded to Firopotamus beach. If you take a short hike behind the church and go past the ruins, you’ll see the cliffs and the perfect elevated spot to take lots of pictures. It’s so gorgeous here!! The skies in Milos are so so gorgeous.

Milos itinerary

firopotamos beach milos

firopotamos beach

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is well known for their white rocks and Blue greenish sea. The beach is huge!! You can picnic, go for a swim, get a tan or even sit by the cliff and enjoy the views of the sea.

White Sand Beach

Sarakiniko Beach Milos itinerary

O Hamos

O! Hamos restaurant

Nobody leaves Milos without trying traditional Greek food and O hamos did not disappoint. It was one of the best meals we had in Milos. As expected, there was a long queue upon arrival. The queue moves pretty fast though. Everything we had for dinner was recommended by our friendly server. The married chickpeas in curry was so good.

A must order is their Chamo- Buyurdi which is a mix of various types of homemade cheese, tomatoes and hot and sweet peppers baked in the oven. This will send you straight to heaven. Not the prettiest looking dish but I Swear it will evoke all your senses when you put this in your mouth. The baked lamb was topped with white cheese and baked till perfection. The lamb was fall off the bone tender. I’ve never tasted such good lamb before. ( The last was in New Zealand but this totally overtook NZL for best cooked lamb).


Day 4- Milos Itinerary

Chocolate cake from Kivotos

Our flight was scheduled to depart Milos late in the evening so we had practically the entire day to kill. We headed to a dessert cafe at Pollonia called Kivotos ton Gefseon which sells amazing Greek desserts. We had their chocolate pie and it was amazing. The rest of the day was spent walking around Pollonia, checking out the restaurants and walking by the coast.

We took a flight back to Athens at 5pm and bid farewell to lovely Milos. We will definitely be back 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the mini itinerary for Milos! Do comment below if you have any questions and I’ll be more than happy to help!


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