Hello Kitty Cake – 2 tier birthday cake

It’s Hello Kitty Season again! Every Mum that orders a birthday cake for her baby or young daughter will more often than not choose the theme Hello Kitty. Don’t ask me why. It’s a trend these days. You can browse the various Hello Kitty Cakes or Cupcakes that I did. This time round, I had an order from a friend for a Hello Kitty Cake. She didn’t want a too complex cake, just something simple and 2 tiers.


Hello Kitty Cake

In the end, the mummy decided on a 2 tier pink ombre cake with white chocolate ganache drizzle and a 2D Hello Kitty fondant topper. The ombre color for the cake was made using white cream cheese as the base color.

I then added a feel drops of Wilton Rose Pink edible gel in varying amounts. Be sure to use only a little drop as you go along and add more when needed. It’s always safer to err on the lesser side than more. You can always add more to the white cream cheese but to rectify an overly dark buttercream is close to impossible. You’ll just have to waste more cheese to dilute the darker color.

The Bottom layer cake was a red velvet cream cheese cake followed by a lemon vanilla buttercream cake for the top tier. This was the same cake flavor requested by them since their last order. Guess it was pretty popular back then!

Was happy to know that this Hello Kitty Cake was well received by the birthday girl, her family as well as friends! Yay good news!

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Hello Kitty Cake


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