Fondant Flowers- Pretty Pink Ombre Flowers

Remember those Pink Ombre Fondant Flowers on the Lychee Rose Cake. They were made entirely out of edible Marshmallow fondant. Which essentially is a mixture of Marshmallows, Icing sugar and shortening.


Fondant Flowers

I had quite a lot of request when I posted this cake on Instagram on how I made those fondant flowers so I decided to put together a short tutorial on how I made them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clearer video while making them so I hope the step by step tutorial helps. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below.

Fondant Flowers Steps

1) You will need a set of these cookie cutters – that comes in various sizes and some fondant tools. ( The ball one you see in the photo)

2) Wilton edible gel in red. It’s easier to start with red because a little gel added to your frosting will give you pink. To get a darker red, just add more gel.

3)Crush a sheet of aluminum foil to form an indented U shape mold to set the flowers.

4)Separate fondant into 4 parts. Color 3 of them with varying shades of pink. You want them to contrast well so the flower pops when you combine them altogether.

How to make Fondant Flowers 2

5) Start by making the biggest petal ( In this case I want the darker shade on the outside) So roll out the red fondant to 1/8 inch thick and using the largest cookie cutter, press it firmly on the rolled out fondant to cut out the shape.

6) Start by using the ball side of the fondant tool and wiggle the edges back and forth to create sort of a ruffle look. Repeat at every edge so you get a ruffled petal

7) Place the ruffled petal back in the aluminum mold that you made earlier.

8) Repeat steps 5-7 using the smaller cookie cutter and decrease the shade as you go along

How to make Pink Ombre fondant flowers

9) Place it on top of the existing petal that was setting in the mold

10) Repeat steps 5-9 again

11) When you are done with all the petals, brush the inner most petal with edible gel/ mirror gel

12) Stick some edible pearls and leave flower to set overnight till dry.

How to make fondant flowers


How to make fondant flowers 5

Practise a few more times and you’ll get the hang of these. My first one took quite sometime as I figured everything out. Subsequently the second, third, fourth was a breeze. You can reverse the colors by starting with a White followed by increase shades of pink (smallest and darkest pink flower in the middle)

And there you have it! Your very homemade edible fondant flowers that looks pretty much like the real flower. You can always play around with the colors of the flowers. It’s really up to you.

I had so much fun making these that I’m thinking about making another cake just to place these beautiful fondant flowers! Hope you enjoy the mini tutorial and if you ever make your own, do share your flowers by tagging me on Instagram @sherbakes! Bake on guys!

Also incase you’re wondering where these beauties went, they went on this gorgeous Fresh Lychee Rose Cake! Head over to check out the delicious recipe!

Fresh Lychee Rose Cake


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Fondant Flower tutorial


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