Valentine’s Day Hershey Bliss Ball Kisses

Chocolate Bliss Balls

Hello Guys! Remember those Healthy Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Balls coated with dark chocolate ganache and a sprinkle of rose petals? I made another version specially for the upcoming Valentines’ Day!

I shaped them into “Hershey Kisses” and sprinkled some pink, red and white hearties on top of the dark chocolate coating. Don’t judge them by their size, they are absolutely delicious!  Raw, gluten free and vegan as well- what’s not to like!

Bliss Balls don’t always have to come in round shapes right? Feel free to work them out into cute little shapes for any occasion. A little creativity goes a long way! It’s really all about putting the word ‘fun” when  making your own desserts.

Chocolate Bliss Balls

This version contains a mixture of coarse bits of whole almonds ( for texture) and ground almonds. It also contains dried cranberries which I soaked for 15mins to remove some of the sweetness from it, chia seeds, cocoa powder and a little honey.

Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Balls shaped into Hershey Kisses

Ingredients ( Makes around 20 small Hershey Kisses)

1/4 cup (40g) Dried Cranberries
50g almond flour
50g almond slices/ whole almonds
2 1/2 tbsp maple/Honey or agave syrup
10g cocoa powder
1 tsp chia seeds


1) Soak dried cranberries in water and drain the excess to wash off extra sugar
2)  Place all the ingredients except cranberries in a food processor and mix until you get a sticky dough. ( I used 50g almond flour and 50g whole almonds as i wanted a little bigger pieces of almond in the ball for texture).
3) Add cranberries and pulse.
4) With your hands, roll them into balls first and then pinch the top of the ball to create that little sharp tip. ( You know what to do!! You know how a Hershey kiss looks like)
5) Let set in refrigerator for at least one hour before serving. Store in a airtight container placed in the refrigerator for up to one week, or up to one month in the freezer.

These no bake snacks are definitely fun to make with your kids. Rolll roll roll.

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