My TOP 10 Favourite Baking Tools ALL TIME

Over and over again, people have asked me what are some of the baking or culinary tools I use for my desserts so I decided to write a post on it! Here’s some of my Top favorite baking tools to work with. Since I work a lot with cakes, cupcakes and customised designer cakes, most of the tools mentioned below come in really really handy and I will show you why. I work with these tools on a daily basis so I will probably die without them.

1) Cupcake Corer

Naked Cupcakes with swirled frostings are pleasing to the eye but what if you bite into a surprise interior. Sometimes I like to surprise my guests with piñata cupcakes or cupcakes filled with a variety of fillings, jams, curds and frosting. These Cupcake Corers are a life saver. They save me the time and trouble of using a knife to dig out a portion of the cupcakes. You just have to press this corner in the center of the cupcake, twist and remove. The middle of the cupcake will come out easily..

2) Turntable

This is another item that is useful for decorating cake with frosting. You’ll need a turntable that is easy to turn while you frost the cake to achieve a smooth side. It also works best for piping swirls, flowers or designs on the cake. This Ombre Wave Cake was easily frosted thanks to my handy turntable.

3) Candy Thermometer

Bakers who make Macarons by the Italian Meringue method , make their own caramel, sugar syrup will find this super handy. The right temperature to remove the sugar syrup is critical. I find these kind of thermometers that clip well to the side of the pan easier to handle as they don’t need to be held with one hand. Imagine holding a thermometer after they reach a certain Fahrenheit! The heat…. Good Gracious! Please look after your hands, Dear Bakers!

4) Joseph Joseph Elevate Spatula

I’ve used many brands of spatula but this brand Joseph Joseph Elevate Flexible Spatula is one of the best. It’s funny because during Christmas gift exchange or what you call “Secret Santa”, I will always request for my Secret Santa to buy me this. This request has been repeated for 3-4 consecutive years! It’s so flexible and can clean every nook and corner of the bowl. You won’t have to worry about wasting frosting or batter anymore. I call this the magic Spatula. Because it cleans off food without a trace! AMAZING. See the Video below for a demonstration!

5) Half Hemisphere Baking Pan

Many of you have asked me if there is a mold for this Brain cake. I think there should be but I use a Half hemisphere Baking pan to make a round cake and then slowly carved it to an oval. It makes more sense to buy a half round one as you can also make a Soccer ball theme cake with it. Check out my Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball Cake and Soccermania Cakes baked in these half tins. If you want a brain,  you can always carve it to the shape you want. Multifunctional.

6) Mini Silicon Hemisphere Molds

Have you seen those petit cakes selling in stores with shiny glazes. Don’t they entice you so much?? I eat with my eyes first. Not a bad thing I supposed. Yummy things should taste nice right? I use this mold quite frequently but one of my popular cakes that received so many raved reviews over the years is my Rainbow no bake cheesecake. Check out these Silicon Hemisphere Molds. I made use of this same mini hemisphere mold to make the cake.

7) Fondant and Gumpaste Tool Set

How do you get those nicely moulded fondant figurines, cutouts, ribbons, flowers etc. They are achieved using these “Magical Tools”. I Bought the entire Wilton Set and it has been well used. You can see some yellow stains on them already 🙁

8) Wilton Cake Leveller

Almost 80% of the cakes I bake do not have an entirely flat top. There is always bound to be a dome. But dome cakes are hard to frost and stack. In order to increase the stability of the layers, we need them to be even. So here comes my handy Wilton cake leveler which I use  99.9% of the time. It’s sharp and slices well.

9) Fondant PrecisionKnife with safety cap

This Precision knife is so sharp, it can cut fondant shapes so precisely! I love love love it. It works wonders when trimming off the excess fondant dangling down from your cake and a lot more other things! Just be careful when handling it as it is really sharp. It comes with a safety cap if you’re worried.

10) Wilton Piping Set

I can’t live without my Piping tips. I use them to pipe flowers on cupcakes, swirls on cakes, spiral, waves, leaves etc. Most of the time when it comes to cake decorating, I let my imagination go wild. A variety of piping tools lets me decide there and then what design i would like on my cake. Anyway my top 3 favourite piping tools for cupcakes are shown in the above picture.

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