MASSIVE SALES during 11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday

Guess What Time of the Year it is? It’s definitely Shopping time! Of all the months in the year, I look forward to December the most because it marks the start of the festive season where everyone is either out there in the malls doing their last minute shopping, grabbing groceries, gifts, cards, clothes or even chilling out. It’s the time of the year where you let your hair down and indulge in pampering yourself or pampering others (that includes your family, relatives, colleagues and close friends).

We all know that Christmas is a season of giving! But buying something for a special someone can be quite a headache. Not because of the lack of stuff to buy but the unlimited choices there are! Offline and Online Retailers are getting more and more aggressive in their sales and marketing techniques. They can offer you huge discounts and promotions that are simply too irresistible for you to turn down. It’s a win-win situation. They get the profits and you get the good end of the bargain.

It’s never too early to start planning what to buy. In fact November is THE MONTH to start because of the 2 special days 11.11 and Black Friday that offer HUGE sales. I am not kidding. You will be amazed at how much prices can be slashed during these 2 occasions.

The 11th of November (aka 11.11) is widely known as Singles Day because of the number 1 that marks an individual. But over the years, it has evolved to include celebrating friendship day – many “1” individuals coming together to celebrate their years of friendship or it could even mean “ you’re the only one in my heart” where couples pronounce their love to one another. For whatever reason you are celebrating, there are bound to be MASSIVE savings from deals and offers from a lot of e-commerce stores from Taobao, Lazada, Qoo10, Fave to maybe even the Apple Store. (Maybe a good way to say I love you to that special someone is by buying them the latest iPhone X). A better camera function allows you to take more selfies together? Yes? No?

And my favorite Day that I will so willingly sacrifice my “limited time” for is Black Friday!! Do not date me out on Black Friday because I’m usually at home surfing the net for good bargains. Ok some might ask what is Black Friday? It is a day of MASSIVE SALES where prices are slashed by half or even more than that. It is held on the 4th Friday of November and usually after Thanksgiving in the US. I first knew of this DAY when my roommate told me horrifying stories about how people started queuing at physical stores even the night before. She said it’s the time of the year where people buy big ticket items such as Televisions, Computers, Washing Machines etcc.. It signifies the beginning of the Holiday Shopping. Although for me, shopping actually starts NOW! Over the years, this day has been gaining popularity across countries as more and more people get to know about this occasion.

Are you getting all excited already for this shopping season? Want to know where to start? My favorite site to go to is Shopback. They offer a comprehensive list of merchants where I can click through and start my shopping expedition. See How Convenient! During this Black Friday sales and Singles Day sales period, they are offering HUGE discounts that you won’t want to miss.

Close friends of mine will know that I love my food as much as I love travelling. They go hand in hand really. To go somewhere and experience the beauty, history and food unique to each Country and City is certainly something worth dying for! Foodie travelers can relate well to this! Because we all love a good bargain (Who doesn’t!!), we will try to wait till there’s a big promotion on air tickets, accommodations overseas etcc! Expedia is one of my favorite portals to get me out of here! One reason is during these “Special days” or Festive seasons, they offer really good deals!! Trust me Singles Day and Black Friday is the time you wanna sit at your desk and move those fingers of yours!

Amazon is also another of my favorite go to for online purchases of books, home related stuff, cooking/ bakeware. Most of the time when I see something pretty on pin interest, I know I can always count on Amazon to get me what I’m looking for.

Recently they have started their Holiday Season with the opening of its “ Black Friday Store” on 1st November. It has a centralized location that features holiday deals across all categories. To make it easier for customers to make purchases, Amazon has launched their new service called AR view, a feature within the Amazon App that allows customers to visualize their merchandises within their own house. I think this is such a brilliant idea!

Enough Said! I think it’s time to let your fingers do the talking! Go all out and be a blessing to others. Remember it’s always better to give than to receive.


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