DIY- Christmas Cookie Bags as Gifts

How many times were you lured into a shop because of their pretty packaged goods.

How many times were you tempted to buy something because they were packaged so nicely, you knew you had to get it for someone or yourself. This is what I call the [ Buy it first and think what to do with it later on ] mentality.


Consumer behaviour is so predictable. Everyone wants to buy at least something decent looking this festive season unless you’re pranking someone. So if you’re trying to target this massive group of shoppers, work on your packaging first. Tempt them, Entice them, Sell them your story.


I have a confession to make with regards to edibles- I buy them more for their packaging ( first degree) than taste ( of course this is of importance to me as well if you’re trying to get me back as a repeated customer) but honestly for new goods: Packaging before taste.


With that, it’s time to spread some love around this Christmas. I started Christmas planning early as I always do so I don’t get orders + personal baking clump in one day. It will only spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. I wanted to bake cookies for friends but I couldn’t find any nice bags this Christmas so I decided to DIY. What’s Christmas without a little personal touch right? Many have asked me where I bought these bags, so you have your answer right here. They are DIY and here’s a little tutorial for those who want to recreate your own 😉



These bags are actually pretty simple to maket. Infact, I find the process rather therapeutic. It takes your mind off things that don’t just revolve around an excel sheet or computer screen. So are you readyy??

1) First you’ll need some basics- nice papers ( Check out the variety of Christmas Craft Related Papers here. There’s plenty of choices!!)  to form the top part of your cookie bag. I usually buy my papers online or from PaperMarket or Spotlight.  They usually have the Christmas sale at this time of the year so grab them now and save them for future use. Hahaa

2) You’ll need a ruler, pencil and scissors

3) Double Sided Tape

4) Measure the width of the cookie bag you will be using and cut out the paper size accordingly.

5) For clear plastic bags, I usually get my stocks from SKP. They sell bags in 50 or 100s at a pretty low cost. For cookies, you can bake them yourself or buy them. For me, I always bake my usual Chocolate Chip Cookie because everyone loves them.  I have other cookie types as well like dark chocolate, red velvet, speculoos over here.  Bottom line- Just bake from your heart and everything will turn out well 🙂

6) After you place the cookies in the bag, seal the plastic so air would not enter and make your cookies soft

7) Use a double sided tape and tape both sides of the paper. Remove the white layer of tape. Place the sealed cookie bag over one side of the paper. Seal the top part of the paper down.

And there you have it!! Your very own Christmas Cookie Bags. A little variety goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Do comment in the post below or tag me on Instagram: @sherbakes if you attempt your very own. And if you’re still scouting for Christmas recipes or DIY-ers, head down to my TOP FAVOURITE RECIPES for this Season!!


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