Unicorn Cupcakes ( Chocolate & Vanilla)

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!! Lets’ rock this party with some chocolate cupcakes…. I mean some pretty unicorn cupcakes. This unicorn cake fad has been going on for quite a while. Try googling top cake trends of 2017 and you’ll see unicorn cakes listed as one of them together with drip cakes, galaxy cakes, mirror cakes, odd shape cakes as well as jelly cakes.

Fads come and go as quickly as time. What is in today might be replaced by something even better tmr. Anyway, I still much prefer drip cakes over unicorn cakes. But as long as kids love them, I’ll be happy to please them!

These cupcakes were baked specially for Chris’s housewarming party. Since the theme was pink, the cupcakes were coloured pinkish and shades that went with it. Thought it would be interesting to have a lemon based cupcake with a black cherry surprise filling. The cupcake is then swirled with cream cheese frosting and decorated with some unicorn horns and plenty of rainbow sprinkles! Don’t these make you happy! It sure did for me!

And since I was at it.. I decided to make some Chocolate Speculoos / Peanut Butter cupcakes as well. Rich dark chocolate cupcakes filled with Speculoos /PB Cream Cheese and swirled with Dark rich chocolate ganache and Gold dusted chocolate sprinkles. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also add some Gold Sugar Sprinkles to make your cupcakes blink blink…

Angel vs Devil Cupcakes. Which side are you on?


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