Steps on how to make a Treat or Trick Pinata Cake for Halloween

Trick or Treat. I made a piñata cake over the weekend and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. Surprises are always my thing. That’s why I like my presents wrapped all the time. There’s a certain element of excitement in unwrapping the gift. Edible surprises are even better. Have you ever cut open a cake to find something interesting in the middle?

It could be in the form of a mousse, gelatin layer, crunchy filling or something unexpected like flowing lava? To be honest, I eat with my eyes first. ( You got me at whimsical desserts. Chocolate desserts come in with a close fight as well). Taste comes second.

So with Halloween nearing, it’s always nice to surprise people who love to eat. Hmm. I mean love to eat cake. So there came the idea of a piñata cake filled with colorful M&Ms. You can go crazy here with all the stuffing. Always remember you’re the boss of your own cake. Never let anyone else dictate what flavors should go together, design to follow etc. Being conventional is boring. It’s creativity that reigns.

My base cake is a dark chocolate cake

1) Bake chocolate cake and slice cake into 3 – 4 equal layers. ( I used 3 for this)

2) Use a circle cutter smaller than the original cake to cut off the centre

3) This is how the middle layer cake should look like.

4) Place one layer of chocolate cake on cake board.

5) Frost with your favourite buttercream/ frosting. I used gula Melaka frosting in this case because of some leftovers I had while frosting other cakes

6) Place the layer of cake with the circle hole on top of the first layer.

7) Frost the top and the circumference of the hole

8) Pour in your stuffing ( In this case, M&Ms )

9) Fill M&Ms till the top of the second cake layer

10) Place last layer of chocolate cake on top and frost the entire top and sides of cake.

11) Refrigerate to set cake while you prepare your dark chocolate ganache to coat the cake

12) Frost refrigerated cake with the chocolate ganache and cover it entirely.

 13) Prepare your drizzle. I use white chocolate candy melts mixed with a little Wilton’s orange gel and milk/cream to thin out the drizzle. Using a spoon, drizzle the sides of your cake with the neon orange mixture.

14) Go Crazy and decorate the entire cake with Halloween eyeball lollipops ( when I saw this at Giant, I couldn’t resist buying it)

15) And the best part. Cutting up the cake 😛

16) It’s raining M&MS. Let it flow… Let it flow.

Enjoy!! It doesn’t have to be Halloween to surprise people. Any occasion that calls for cake is a good opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face with that hidden something!! 

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