Ombre Blue Swirl Cupcakes for 1st Birthday Party

Oh My Goodness ( In a Good way)! I call September and October the party season. Everyone seems to have birthday parties, baby showers and weddings during this time of the year.

My oven is churning out cakes faster than the blocks of butter being replenished in the refrigerator.  I fear the day my oven decides to take sabbatical leave. One day 3 ovens decided to take a snooze in the middle of WORK!! When 3 cakes were baking, there was a short circuit due to an overloading of appliances in one port ( I suspect). From that day, 1 of them was shifted out into the living room.

So it was an honor to bake for my college friend’s Baby ( Emmanuel) 1st Birthday party. It was a Pastel Blue theme. Mummy wanted Ombre Blue and White Frosting for the cupcakes. Cupcakes were an assortment of Lemon, Red Velvet and Vanilla Bean! It was an enjoyable party with lottas food, goodies, fun and of coz cuteness overload (Think chubby cheeks) from the Birthday Boy!

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