Black and Gold 60th Birthday Cake

Baking for birthdays, parties, special occasions are always a joy! When you know you’re baking for someone’s special day, you want to put in extra tender loving care into creating a cake that the recipient would totally WOW over. I treat each order as a blessing from my heavenly father and hope my clients will feel the love that has been put into making the cake!

This Black Gold White theme cake is one of my favorite cakes so far. First, it is baked specially for Aunty Cindy and her classmates . They were celebrating their 60th Birthday!!! I’ve baked countless cakes for 1st ,16th, 21st and 30th birthdays but an order for 60th birthday is pretty rare!! The Golden Age!! Which makes it even more special! So I was deeply honoured when Aunty Cindy- a church friend of my family contacted me to bake for this joyous occasion.  Despite my busy schedule that week, how can I turn them down?!

The second reason why this has got to be or will be my most treasured bake is because of the Black and Gold theme. Although Black and Gold are not my favourite colors ( Unfortunately I’m more of a pink person), I still love how these two colors go so well together. I wanted my wedding cake to be black and gold actually. But hmm.. You know traditions etc etc we had to do away with that idea ( SADLY).

You see the gold finishing on the cake? I used Wilton’s Color mist in Gold for that shining glittery look. After covering the cake with fondant, hold the spray about 10cm away from the cake and spray. You can always dust the color on using Gold Lustre Dust. But I only recommend that for small areas if not you’re gonna spend 2-3 times the amount of time achieving the same effect as spraying. What i did was after spraying, I left the cake to dry a little and then use the Gold Lustre Dust to dust on the same area, adding more “Gold Oommphh Sparkle” to the cake.

The stars were made out of Satin Ice Gumpaste so they harden enough to hold their shape. Pictures speak louder than words so I’ve collage some steps below. Hope they help!

1) You will need Star Cutters of different sizes, paintbrush, satay sticks, black and white gumpaste and Clear Piping Gel

2) Roll white gumpaste till about 4mm thick

3) Cut out Star Shapes

4) Apply Piping gel on both sides of the stars

5) Stick Satay Stick on one side of the star

6) Glue the two stars together

7) Repeat steps 2-6 using Black Gumpaste

8) To make Gold Stars, I use Wilton’s Color mist in Gold for that shining glittering look. ( Same as Cake). Spray mist onto white star.

9) Leave to dry and then dust a little Gold Lustre Dust for extra shimmering effect. 

Tada! Easy as ABC! What are you waiting for. Go make a cake and impress 😉 

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