Melon Cake

Introducing the one and only Melon Cake baked specially for my Travel Buddy’s (Aka best buddehh) Birthday!!

This Melon cake inspiration came about when the buddy claimed she’s head over heels over the Japanese Yubari melon from Japan so i wanted to customised something specially for her! This Melon Cake uses a real Korean Musk Melon fruit as the base and shell for the “cake”.

First, I used a melon baller to cut out round balls of Melon for the topping. The remaining pockets of fruit were removed and cut into tiny cubes ( Reserve this for the filling).  The bottom layer of the melon was then filled with a round cut up vanilla sponge cake, drenched with yuzu syrup and then topped with a layer of cream cheese and cubes of melon. Repeat the steps ( cake, cream cheese, fruits) until the last layer of cake was placed. A thin layer of cream cheese frosting spread over the cake and then on top goes the round Melon Balls!

I sprinkled some White Chocolate Curls for decoration! Left it in the refrigerator to set and then delivered specially to the birthday girl 🙂  LOVE YOU BUDDEH!

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