Sous Vide Sirloin Steak

My little sous vide toy is here! I’ve always been impressed by food cooked using the sous vide technique. They always turn out perfect and so tender. Years ago, I was introduced to this gadget by my cooking buddy. It was first launched in 2014 as a kickstarter program. They sold at 2 for USD$240. I didn’t get it back then because I was little apprehensive about the usage. Plus I was more into baking rather than cooking. And “Steak” or those that fell into the category of “Meat” was not exactly something I crave for so often. Well well.. Times have indeed changed.. Over the years, this technique has gained popularity and are used worldwide by many famous chefs and homecooks.

I love cooking for the family but that would mean cooking for say 6 paxs. The last time we did steak, we had to cook it one by one and when everyone got their steak, it was cold. It gets pretty messy when cooking for a large crowd. That’s the reason why I love slow cooker meals where everything can be prepared the day before and just reheated right before dinner service.

Sous Vide cooking is basically cooking an item ( say a meat or fish), sealing it in a bag and submerging the bag in a water bath that is heated by the sous vide gadget to a precise low temperature over a period of time. It cooks the meat to the perfect temperature everytime and you can monitor it by pairing it with the wifi or bluetooth on your phone. Again for those lazy or busy cooks, you can actually go walk your dog or do some household chores while cooking your food. It eliminates the inconvenience of having to watch the food over the stove and also reduces the the error of overcooking your food in the oven/ pan etc.

Result is a moist and tender piece of meat or fish ( and obviously a lot more other food you can cook in there). The first thing I knew I had to experiment with this new toy is steak. And as we all like it. Medium Rare. The cut i used for this is Sirloin Steak – about an inch in thickness. Cooked it in the sous vide machine at 131F for about an hour. The steak was then quickly seared for about 1/2- 1 min ( 15 secs on each side).


Sous Vide Steak 

– 1 slab sirloin steak ( or ribeye or porterhouse – depending on what kinda meat you want)
– Salt (to Taste)
-Black Pepper ( To taste)

1) Season Steak generously with salt and pepper on both sides
2) Heat up sous vide machine to the correct temperature. 131F in this case. I guess you like your steak more medium rare, you can adjust accordingly.
3) Place steak in a ziplock bag or vacuum sealer bag
4) Place bag into sous vide machine for an hour
5) Remove steak from bag and set aside
6) Heat pan with 1 tbsp olive oil until smoking
7) Add steak and sear on each side for 15 secs until brown.
8) Remove steak and let set for 10mins before slicing
9) Serve over Japanese rice or just enjoy it plain!

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