Bride and Groom Princess Carriage Wedding Cookie Favors

Just 2 more days to our big day! Honestly I’m really really excited about moving on to the next phase of life. Everyone tells me married life is awesome if you marry the right guy. Haha that’s so true on so many levels but we’re definitely not gonna disregard the issues that might arise in a marriage. (We went through marriage prep class so we know what’s in it for us). It’s amazing how me and S had journeyed through these 13 years. It’s through God’s Grace that we managed to stay faithful to each other all the way.

Planning for the wedding was interesting. We had more than a year to prep for it and amazingly enough, everything was settled more or less quite quickly or efficiently. Thanks to valuable advice and tips from all our married friends. As you can see, I’m free enough to write a blog post and bake just 2 days before the big day. Priorities Priorities.

So what’s a wedding without desserts right? Everyone has been asking me about my dessert table knowing well that a baker should be pretty particular about that component. Honestly when S proposed, I had this big fancy pansy idea to bake my own wedding cake and design my own dessert table ( Petit cakes, Brownies, cookies, cake pops, macarons, cupcakes etc). I even bought the cake stands/ moulds and Pinterest a whole lot of ideas. Then again when I thought about my priorities and opportunity cost of having one at the expense of something else ( HAHA only close friends will know this 😛 Winks), I decided to scrape off the entire idea. But all is not lost, there’s still a little Sherbakes in the wedding 😛

Are you Team #BrideSherbakes or Team #GroomShad.
If you can’t pick a side, pick Team #ShadandSher
When I saw these cookie boxes, I fell in love.
I can’t lie because there is nothing not to like!
If you ask me to pick, I surely can’t decide.
This is truly love at first sight.

These small cookie boxes are amazing as wedding favors. They can fit 3-5 cookies each and they are small enough to fit into your purse (Ladies) and pockets (Gentlemen). Enough raving about these wedding favours. Just come early and grab some please since they are baked specially by yours truly!

Sneak Peek of the craziness in the house :S:S:S:S I think Im really mad but I cant let these boxes ( 400+ boxes) go to waste so yupp!! HERE WE GO! 

These pretty and cute princess carriages were not part of the planned wedding favours but I just couldnt resist sharing so i decided to let it go this weekend. Come early to grab these if you want. Unfortunately there are only 12 of these (SORRY!!) 

With that, see you friends on our big day! It’s gonna be a while till the next post ( When we’re back from our big Moon). But watch this space because it will not only be Sherbakes tempting you with her bakes but she’ll gladly grab her other half to join forces with her on this culinary adventure.

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