Top RAINBOW Desserts to bake for the NEW YEAR

Throwing parties are a great way to end the year. But if you’re hosting the party, sometimes thinking of what to prepare for your guests can be quite a headache.

And if there are little kiddos present, you have to think of something fun to get their excitement going. Fret not. The perfect solution is to prepare something colorful or Rainbow related. Happy colors lighten the atmosphere and keeps everyone talking about THAT rainbow dish.

Handpicked for you are 6 of my favorite rainbow dessert. Everyone raved about them so I’m pretty certain you’ll get the same response if you include them in your upcoming New Year party!

No Bake Rainbow Cheesecake

Paddlepop or not. This rainbow cheesecake is easy to whip up with just a few ingredients. You can even prepare it a few days in advance. Adjust the amount of food gel in the recipe to get either a pastel cake or vibrant cake.

Recipe here…. You won’t wanna miss it:

Rainbow Lychee Jello 

All you need is to boil a pot of water, add the jello mix, Mix in the desired colors and fill up these nice little cups with your rainbow mixture. Put in the refrigerator to chill and serve them to your guests during dinner time. Fuss Free and can be made days in advance

Hop over to the recipe here:

Cupcakes baked in rainbow casing and colorful swirls

Everyone loves a good cupcake! Why not make it more yummilicious and attractive by piping on colorful swirls this Christmas.

Get theeee yummilicious recipe here:

Rainbow Fruit salad bowl 

This healthy Fruit salad is a stomach cleanser and probably something refreshing and light that your guests might desire after a heavy meal. It’s also a good way to pack on those vitamins! Stay healthy this New Year

Eat Clean Recipe here:

Rainbow Cake

Still suffering from post Christmas Syndromes? How about baking a rainbow logcake. Nobody says we can’t enjoy a yummy rainbow logcake after Christmas. 

Steps and recipe on how to make an attractive Rainbow Logcake here:

Rainbow Sprinkle Drip Cake

Wanna impress with your fantastic Drip Cake skills? Why not bake up this rainbow sprinkles cake. Party Wow-er

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