Rainbow Cupcake Swirls


I think it’s rather therapeutic swirling frosting on a cupcake. It follows a rhythm as you squeeze that piping bag, twist your wrist and go in circles to make their perfect swirl. Sometimes my swirl look like a piece of poop sometimes they swirl up nice and upright without any droopy tips.

I get pretty affected by the “soft poop like” swirls so occasionally I will sprinkle a teeny bit of colorful sprinkles on top to cover up. That said, I made a batch of red velvet and chocolate cupcakes for my nephew’s 1st month birthday party. The theme was Noah’s Ark with a big rainbow as centerpiece. To match the rainbow, I baked the cupcakes in colorful polka dot cupcake liners and swirled them with a total of 5 colored frosting- Orange, yellow, blue, green and redish pink.


Go funky with the colors since it’s a party!

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe ( Frost 12 cupcakes)

160g cream cheese , RT
80g unsalted butter, RT
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
edible food gel ( orange, leaf green, navy blue, yellow and red)- I use Wilton food gel.


1)Mix all ingredients together until smooth frosting is achieved.

2) Separate frosting into different bowls depending on how many colors you want

3) Mix in food gel

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