Healthy Fruit Salad Detox Bowl

Healthy dishes always take on a second note, especially during this festive season where everyone is just stuffing their bellies with turkey, roast beef, bone in ham, stuffings, pies etc. This is a stomach cleanser and probably something refreshing and light that your guests might desire after a heavy meal. It’s also a good way to pack on those vitamins!

I like to choose fruits that are vibrant and rich in Vit C. It’s really all up to you. Just cut them into slices or cubes and mix them in a bowl. Time to Detox after all that Christmas Feasting!


1 Box Blueberries
1 Box Strawberries
1 Medium Size Orange, Peeled and sliced
2 Kiwi
3 Lime


1) Cut Strawberries in quarters

2) Peel and slice oranges into tiny cubes

3) Slice Kiwis into cubes

4) Mix all of the fruits in a bowl and squeeze lime juice over and mix well

5) Chill until ready to serve



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  1. Jack son
    April 17, 2017 / 11:08 am

    Attempt a couple until you discover a few top picks that will end up being your mid year nibble of decision. goodbyegutt

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