TOP Desserts and DIY this Christmas Season

1 and a half more months to Christmas. Are you counting down to the big celebration already. Because we certainly are and there are already plans to put up the Christmas tree. *Smilez and does the jolly dance*.

If you’re planning on hosting your own Christmas party, doing a mini gift exchange or if you feel like showering your close friends with gifts, I have rounded up my TOPPPP favourite DIY ideas and recipes. Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think. Go crazy and wacky with the ideas! After all, it’s the season to let down your hair, have fun and engage in family activities.

DIY Christmas cookie bags

Sometimes I’m really really lazy to go source for Christmas themed cookie bags so when I saw a bunch of Christmas craft papers, I knew the perfect solution to my laziness. DIY Christmas cookie bags made out of craft papers and clear plastic bags.

Check out the step by step process in the link below:

Christmas Jar cakes

Have you encountered cases where you were happily carrying slices of cakes in a bag and then only to find that they had toppled creating an ugly mess of cream smeared onto the container. It could have been the humidity or heat that caused the cream to melt so fast!!

Eliminate this worry by making cakes in a jar. They can be transported at ease and if the cream is slightly too soft, your friends will be happy to pop them in their fridge for a few minutes to enjoy them cold at their own pleasure. Mess free and you won’t have any issues cutting the slices of cake to perfection.

See some of my wonderful creations in the link below:

Christmas Fruit cake

I like my fruit cake drenched with lots of brandy. A fruitcake should have a good balance between the bitterness of the brandy and the sweetness of the candied fruits. Sometimes when I omit the brandy, I find the cake a little too sweet. Of course you could wash the candied fruits before mixing them into the batter but what’s a Christmas cake without brandy. Oops. Haha

I drenched the cake with brandy over a period of one week and wrapped them up as a gift to a special someone ;P . The longer the brandy seeps, the better the cake taste.

Get my Christmas Fruitcake with Brandy recipe here:

Christmas Fruit cupcakes

Am I the only one who really love how these cupcakes turn out? Imagine them on a Christmas dessert table. It’s not only gonna wow your guests who love fruitcakes, but they are also gonna be a favourite among kids because of the happy colors of the candied fruits and packaging. Honestly, this idea came about because I had excess batter from a fruitcake and didn’t want them to go to waste. So I baked them in cupcake liners to distribute to friends.

It turned out more than awesome.

Christmas fondant cupcakes/ swirls

These are solely to entice kids because of the cute fondant designs and buttercream swirls. Go crazy with the swirls and cute faces.

More ideas in the link below:

Surprise Christmas Cookies

Are you naughty or nice this Christmas. Surprise your friends with a sealed up bag. In it are delicious baked goodies such as cookies, brownies, macarons, tarts or candies.

Christmas Tree Chocolate Brownies

Nobody says you can’t have fun with your bakes. Make some Christmas tree chocolate brownies today! Decorate them with icing sugar and sprinkles for a more Christmas tree feel. 

Orange zest cranberry cookies

A crowd favourite all year long! Nothing beats the cranberry and orange combination. Perfect for this Christmas season

Bake some awesome cookies now. Recipe here:

No Bake strawberry cheesecake with red velvet cookie crust

If i was a teacher, i would rate this 10/10 for looks. Maybe i’m bias buttt doesnt this look sooo good on a dessert table ( could be either thanksgiving or Christmas celebration). I’m not shy to admit that it taste as good as it looks too 😉

Bake your own here:

Strawberry Pistachio Frangipane Tart

Although almond frangipanes are more popular in the market nowadays, pistachio frangipane is equally yummy too! Especially when you pair them with strawberries or raspberries, the vibrant and contrasting colors of red and green really pops! And it spells Christmas.

Recipe in the Link below:

Chocolate flourless cake

I would like to think of this as a healthier version of chocolate cake since it contains no flour just pure chocolate indulgence. Chocolate lovers would dig this because it is so rich. When chilled, it taste almost like a piece of fudge that melts in your mouth. Oh bliss.

Can’t go wrong with David Lebovitz cakes. Get the recipe in the link below:

Dark Chocolate Logcakes

Can’t go wrong with dark chocolate log cakes. Sprinkle some snowflakes, Holly and fondant cut angels to decorate the cake

Strawberry and crème logcake

Strawberry shortcake in round or square shapes are almost too cliché so I decided to make them into logcakes to celebrate the Christmas season. I think a pure white cake is great for a change from the usual chocolate logs.

Get the recipe here:

Red Velvet logcake

Want a deeper red to emphasize Christmas. This red velvet logcake is a perfect addition to your Christmas dinner table. It makes your whole dinner complete. Sweet cake with a little cream cheese. Ahhhhh heavenly.

Recipe in the link below:

Christmas Rainbow logcake

It’s fascinating how many orders I get all year round for rainbow cakes. And not to say adults who order them for their kids. Even adults order them for themselves or their parents/ grandparents. I guess seeing a myriad of colors signifies some sort of happy occasion where people come together and celebrate with their close ones.

My wish was to incorporate this rainbow theme into my Christmas bakes which I did. And so here was the rainbow logcake I baked quite a few years ago.

Tutorial and recipe is provided in the link below:

Orange cranberry cake

Orange tea cakes with fresh cranberry and orange zest. Your kitchen will be smelling awesome in no time. 

Bake these fresh. Recipe in the link below:

Orange teacakes with cream cheese drizzle

These mini orange cakes are just the perfect size for tea. Drizzle with a little cream cheese frosting and sprinkle with dried rose petals. 

Recipe in the link below:

Banana Poppyseed cake

This is REALLLYYY really good. I’m not kidding. The poppyseeds gives the cake a little texture in every bite. Nothing beats a good banana cake! Give them as Christmas gifts to your friends. I guarantee they will love it. 

Sharing this awesome recipe in the link below:

With that I conclude my top favourite recipes/ tips/ DIY-er for the Christmas Holiday Season. Please feel free to share them or even share some of your very own creations with me in the comments below. Be blessed this Christmas Season!

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