Rainbow Sprinkles Drip Cake

The house of a baker is always filled with leftover cakes, ingredients, frostings, fillings and other decorative miscellaneous. To throw away these excess would be an utter waste. Whenever a cake is baked, the dome portion of the cake is usually sliced away to create for even layers when frosting the cake. Now now those cut out domes are cake as well!

This time round this mini 4” cake was created out of excess cake batter and ingredients found around the house. I thought it would be a good time to design the exterior of the cake in exactly the colors I like. Cake base is vanilla bean. Frosting is vanilla bean buttercream frosting and the filling is strawberry pie filling. ( For cheat sake, you can actually get this at any bakeware store or supermarket.) I don’t usually go for cheats in baking but sometimes due to time constraints, shortcuts are inevitably the best solution.

The exterior of the cake is first crumb coated with a thin layer of buttercream to “seal” in the crumbs. After leaving the cake in the fridge to set, I colored the remaining layer of buttercream with a little “royal blue + electric yellow edible gel mixed together”. This resulted in a very nice shade of green!

Time for some contrast to the cake! For the pink drizzle, I heated a little whipping cream and poured it over white candy melts. Then I added a little electric pink and drizzled it over the border of the cake. I then piped some remaining buttercream on the top and sprinkled the bottom of the cake and  top with rainbow sprinkles.


I feel so happy just looking at the completed cake!

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