Happy National Day Singapore and Happy Birthday Ah Sok!

Red White Red White! The colors of our Nation’s flag. It is once again time to celebrate our Nation’s 51th Birthday- the pride of all Singaporeans! 

It’s always nice to be born on a specific day that coincides with a public holiday. No work/ School yay!  What’s even better is that everyone will remember your birthday. So it’s my uncle’s birthday!!! Decided to bake him a strawberry cream cheesecake In the colors of red and white. So apt for the occasion! 

Base cake is a vanilla bean infused cake with one layer of vanilla buttercream followed by some strawberry pie filling (Repeat the same for the next layer) and then finally frost the top layer with cream cheese frosting in the desired tone/color. Pipe borders with shell decoration and flood the middle with bright strawberry filling.  

Happy National Day and Happy Birthday Ah Sok!  

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