Blue Ombre Ocean theme Wave Cake

Soaking up the sun with a Ocean themed cake with a police boat for Nat’s birthday! They didn’t want a fondant wrapped cake, so I use vanilla buttercream colored with a little blue edible food gel for the waves.

Creating the wave like pattern is rather easy. Haha Messy is the way to go. You start off with frosting the bottom layer of the cake with a darker shade of blue. As you make your way to the top, the frosting gets lighter in color. Finally for the finishing touches, add a little white buttercream to random spots of the cake and blend them in using random strokes on the cake.  Video tutorial below if you wanna see how I frost the cake!

What’s a cake without cute sea creatures right.  Haha Here we have a cute little turtle, crab and some star fishies. Digestive biscuits as “sand” for the cake

and of course the police boat as requested by the birthday boy!




A more visual video is posted below. Enjoy!!



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