Quality Handmade designer cards – Perfect for sending some love around

When someone special to you birthday is coming up, you show them your love by sending them a card

When someone is feeling down, you show them your love with words of encouragement 

When someone is so near yet so far, you show them your love by telling them you’re thinking of them. 

Whatever the occasion is, there’s nothing better than sending a handmade card to accompany your gift.  

Sharing with you some sweet homemade cards (Etsy Shop: Designsfrankly) by my very talented cousin in law, Serene. Everything is designed by her and I’m so proud to be able to showcase these beautiful cards beside my cakes! There are too many designs to choose from so please check out her website for more details. I’m just showing some of my favourites 🙂

Bible and Sword Cake

No Baggage is too heavy for him indeed. Cast your worries and anxieties upon him 

Instagram Cake

When you’re troubled, focus on him because he develops negativity into beauty: 

Rose Petal Cake 

Yes I’m just poppies by to say hello and I miss you! 

Cat Cake

Hope you’re feling good this birthday. I already am. Because you baked me a cat cake.

Beer Barrel Cake:

I can think of many friends I grew up and age with since young, but we are still truly young at heart.

Polar Bear Snow Cake:

It’s so much BEARter with you around my side! 

Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwich: 

I LOVE CHEESE TOAST. Let’s toast to a loafy birthday! 

Last but not least. The first card that caught my eye: Wishing you a very Hippo Birthday! When I saw that, there was only one person I thought would love it AND ITS yours truly (FRIENDS, if you’re ever thinking of buying me a birthday card, please order this for me, tyvm) !! Still can’t forget the awesome cake my Mummy baked for me.

HIPPO cake: 

The cards are made from heavy textured paper:

– White weave textured card stock
– 216gsm or 80lb cover paper
– A2 size (10.795 x 13.97 cm or 4.25 x 5.5 inches)
– Acid-free
– Empty on the inside (space to make the card your own)
– A matching kraft paper smooth envelope
– Each card (with envelope) is packed in a clear poly bag

Check out her Etsy page: Designsfrankly for more details! Ships worldwide!!!

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