Wedding Cookie Bags- Door Gifts

Baking for occasions such as weddings are special. Even more so if they are for close friends. I had the honour of baking for a few of them and here’s one for a friend I knew since University days! It has been a good 10 years and counting. 

She wanted 200 packets of cookies as door gifts for the event. I remember baking till the wee hours of the night and morning but the efforts were well worth it. Putting a smile on people’s faces is something that is worth more than all the effort and sweat that goes into producing them. If you’re a chef, patissier, baker, you can probably attest to this – the feeling you get when a plate comes back to your kitchen sparkling clean is everything like fireworks and more.  

Cookie flavor: My all time favourite Chocolate Chip cookie

Decoration: Stickers designed with a beige brown background and white lace borders

Tags: Cookie tags from brown kraft paper and kraft strings. Gotta thank the other bridesmaid on this one. We spent one day at the Bride’s house writing homemade tags and tying the strings. 

Day before the wedding: Bridesmaids came over to pack the cookies and tie the tags to the cookie bags. 

Pictures: Courtesy of Lea’s photographer


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