Wedding Dessert Table- Cookie bags and cupcakes

It takes me a lot of determination to sit down and tidy up the nitty gritty details of my blog. I’m not an IT geek or a code writer which explains why if you talk CSS lingo with me, you’ll probably have to explain a whole lot of #!#! to get me to see the light.

I’ve baked a lot of cookies and petit desserts over the past few years BUT- I  just didn’t have the time to sit down and sort the pictures out. My 2016 resolution. To post something nice & special in that category and get it going.

One and a half years ago, I had the honor of baking for my sister and now beloved hubby’s wedding. She wanted a dessert table that was nice to look at. Other than that, she left the decision to me on how I wanted to decorate it. Which was of course perfect.

I baked some cupcakes with flower designs and bags and bags of cookies. Cookie count ran in the hundreds but because Thank God for 3 ovens, I was able to bake many batches at one go, without wasting time. So while the first batch of cookies were baking, I was preparing the trays with the next few batches. It really felt like an assembly line.

 The design of the cookie bag sticker was a chalkboard black base square with elegant fonts. Nothing fancy pansy but still look as great!

I’m so happy that the cookies were gone after the memorable event was over. Infact some took a few bags!.


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