Instagram Cake


Are you an instagram addict? Are you a food photography addict? Do you snap pictures only in square mode for easy posting to instagram? Do you Insta every hour before going to bed? Do you #hashtag frequently- sometimes even when typing on whatsapp. Do you #instastalk people on instagram. Do you follow like minded people on instagram. If you said yes to most of them, you’re #averycoolperson.


And only #VeryCoolPeople deserves AN INSTAGRAM CAKE- baked in their name 🙂


Baked specially for my Brother in Law because not only is he quite a cool guy, though nerdy sometimes and a little shroomyhead, he still treats me awesomely and gives me good advice. I’m glad my sister chose you! Wahhaa


Enjoy your PANDAN GULA MELAKA cake and stop pestering me for more xD



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