Waffle Rosti

I’m dedicating this entire post and recipe to my Buddy. Simply because this is a BFF inspired dish. It involves the use of :

1) A Waffle maker – Buddy I can’t believe you bought a waffle maker. Hilarious. Unfortunately, I don’t see you and kitchen appliances going hand in hand. HAHAAS. Anyway I’m attempting this on my shallow Waffle Maker. Let’s see how this goes.

2) A “Waffle” idea- We had too many good waffles in Belgium. Time to attempt some of our very own?

3) Rosti- When my buddy first cooked me rosti, I was touched. But after she told me she took a longgg time grating the potatoes and cooking it, I laughed. It was actually quite funny. Let’s see if this method of dumping the potatoes into the WM and letting it cook without having to keep watch works.

4) Eggs- I’ll never forget the brunch, egg benedicts with flowy yolks we had at Peck 47. Who goes to the same place thrice on a holiday? Yes we did.

5) Sriracha- Two words came into mind: PF Chang. I use this to make PF Chang’s dynamite shrimps in my other recipe. I’m going to use it here to create the spicy mayo again. A little heat goes a long way.  PS: I still miss our trip to Dubai. [[ TMD, Booba I thought of you too. – Don’t call me unfair ]]


Ingredients (Serves 1):

– 1 potato, grated
– salt ( to taste)
-Black Pepper ( to taste)
– Italian Herbs ( optional)
-1 Hard Boiled Eggs, mashed
– 2 tbsp mayo
– Sriracha ( to taste, depending on how spicy you want your eggs to be)


1) Peel the skin of the potato and grate
2) Squeeze out excess water in the grated potatoes by using a kitchen towel
3) Mix in italian herbs, black pepper and salt.
4) Preheat waffle maker according to instructions
5) When preheated, heavily oil/ butter the waffle maker to ensure that the potato wont stick
6) Place the grated potatoes in the maker and press down until brown and crispy

Steps for toppings:

1) Boil an egg till hard
2) Smash eggs
3) Mix in mayo and Sriracha.

Do comment in the post below or tag me on Instagram: @sherbakes if you attempt your very own. Would love to share your joy in cooking adventures


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