Vanilla Bean infused Greek Yogurt with fruits bowl

Breakfast- My favourite meal of them all. It makes me really happy when the day is started right. I’m going to share my all time breakfast. Something that I can consume everyday without getting bored.

An overflowing bowl of Vanilla bean infused Greek Yogurt topped with ALL my favourite fruits – Peaches, Grapefruit, dragonfruit, passionfruit and a honey oats granola. Packed with vitamin C rich fruits and yogurt that is good for digestion- isnt that one powerpacked breakfast 🙂



– Greek Yogurt ( I use Farmer’s Union brand- I find it really creamy and smooth on the palate)

– 1 tsp or more vanilla bean paste

– a dash of cinnamon ( I like cinnamon in everything but you can omit)

– 1 tsp honey ( to cut the sourness of the yogurt. Farmer’s yogurt is not that sour compared to all the other brands in the market so there’s really not much need to put this is you wanna cut down on that extra sugar )

– Milk ( adjust according to how thick you want your yogurt to taste)

– Fruits ( ABUNDANCE is key)


Just mix everything together and leave for a few hours to infuse the yogurt with the flavour of the vanilla. Top with your favourite fruits and enjoy!



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