Chinese New Year Homemade Seaweed Cracker


With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s time to make somemore of these babies. Never a fan of CNY goodies but this – I can’t seem to stop myself from munching on. They are seriously addictive. The good thing is they are pretty easy to do. Just need a little seasoning, assembling, cutting , frying and draining out the oil and it’s all set.

Its addictiveness lies in the crispiness of the cracker and the feel good feeling of biting into the sesame seeds. The sprinkles ( for taste) was given by my mum’s friend. Otherwise you could just use some Japanese seasoning ( the ones you put on rice and taste a little salty).


Top Left: Black and white sesame seeds, Jap sprinkles and egg white wash

Top Right: The brand of pastry that I use to seal the seaweed

Bottom Left: Plain Seaweed

Bottom Right: Tools needed ( Pizza cutter to slice the seaweeds, roller to roll the pastry to ensure that the seaweed sticks to the pastry, brush for brushing the egg wash)

Brushing the pastry ( You’ll need to brush two pieces since you’ll be glueing them together)

Add a piece of seaweed cut and fitted to the pastry sheet. Brush with more egg wash


Sprinkle sesame seed and jap seasoning onto seaweed. Place the second piece of egg wash brushed pastry on top of this and roll with a roller to seal them together. Use the pizza cutter to cut the seaweed  into small pieces.


Fry until crispy and little brown. Drain on paper.



Ingredients( Makes about 2 bottles):

– 20 sheets of thin Spring roll pastry ( The ones that come in square sheets and look like popiah skin)
-Black and white sesame seeds
-Japanese seasoning/ Chilli powder ( if you like a little heat)
-10 sheets of seaweed, cut to fit the size of the pastry
-3 Egg white


1) Place 2 spring roll skin side by side n brush generously with egg wash till fully coated

2) Place seaweed on one skin and brush with more egg wash

3) Sprinkle with Japanese seasoning and sesame seeds and cover with the other skin

4) Using a roller, roll the skins (to ensure that they stick to each other – You don’t want to risk having an open cracker when frying)

5) Fry on medium heat for 1-2 min until it starts to brown

6) Remove from heat and drain oil on paper

7) Store in air tight bottle.

8) Keeps for a few days or maybe weeks ( I have not tried keeping it for weeks because they never lasted more than 3 days. Hahah)


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