Strawberry Cheesecake with Red Velvet Cookie Crust


Red Velvet has been gaining popularity over the years. Few years back red velvet cake was almost unheard of. I always get the question of what red velvet cake is but now more and more cafes are offering them as part of their daily offerings. I bet if you walk into any any cake shop, chances of you seeing a red velvet cake is pretty high- almost 90%.

For my sisters’s birthday, I decided to bake a Strawberry cheesecake pie for her. Not any ordinary pie but a red velvet one. Red is in and so are cookie based pies ( I recently wrote about the mini cookie cup base so this is just a bigger version of that). Recipe for the cookie base can be found here!

and fresh strawberries blended and folded into the cheese mixture


Topped it with a silky smooth whipped Philadelphia cheese and for the most fun part. Decorating the top of the pie with ombre rose pink swirls, fresh strawberries and graham cracker crumbs. Viola.




Non Baked Cheesecake filling ( Fills a shallow 7″ round tart)

125g cream cheese
35g castor sugar
7g gelatin, dissolved in 25ml water
2.5 oz Strawberry Puree ( I Blended fresh strawberries)
100ml Whipping Cream

1) Put 7g gelatin in 10ml of cold water and let bloom for 5 min. Add 15ml of hot water to dissolve gelatin.

2)Whip cream till soft peaks and set aside

3) Beat Cream Cheese with sugar until smooth

4) Mix in cooled gelatin and strawberry puree

5) Fold in the whipped cream to cheese mixture

6) Pour into tart pan and refrigerate at least 6 hours or until set.

– Best served chilled :))

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