Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

To all my favourite pandan gula Melaka friends out there, this cake is baked specially for you- you know who you are.

TO my favourite pok and bunny. I hope you like the pandan chiffon cake with gula Melaka cream and gula melaka coconut shavings. I had to constantly remind myself to put alot of gula Melaka upon request. And then when I was finally done frosting the cake, I second doubt myself. Was my definition of a lot actually their definition of a lot?

Haha anyway Have a Blessed Birthday!!!!

Love you many many xoxo.

This cake was a chiffon based sponge layer- 3 light airy layers with Gula Melaka cream frosting and bits of gula Melaka chunks and kaya in btw the many layers. To decorate the sides of the cake, I baked some coconut shavings (Recipe in my previous posts here) with gula Melaka till crisp. Topped the enire cake with more gula melaka drizzled syrup and tada!!


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