Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake


Chiffon cakes are my addiction nowadays because they are so light and fluffy, you can eat them at one sitting without feeling so guilty. It makes you feel like you have eaten nothing but air.


This time my mother bought back some purple sweet potatoes. They probably taste a bit sweeter than the yellow ones but it was more the vibrant color that sparked my interest to use it as one of the ingredients in my cake/ next dessert. I thought hard about what I was going to do with it and eventually I decided on a simple chiffon cake. I blended half the sweet potatoes into the batter and chopped the remaining amount into tiny chunks to incorporate it into the cake. Boy was I glad that I added in the mini chunks as there was not much sweet potato taste to the cake but the chunks when u bite into them gave a little texture and taste to the actual flavour of the cake.


It was indeed a light and welcoming treat. As we had a couple of sweet potatoes on hand, I blended the rest with a little milk to form a smooth paste. Added a little gula Melaka syrup ( all time fav- I love to add this is all my desserts) and viola, a nutritious dessert with a pretty color.



Recipe adapted from Florence


100g purple sweet potato (steam and mashed)
3 tbsp milk

3 egg yolks
20g brown sugar
pinch of salt
50ml corn oil
3 tbsp water

85g cake flour

4 egg whites
50g sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Diced steamed sweet potato cubes


1. Steam sweet potato, add milk to it and mashed till fine or blend it in a blender.
2. Mix all ingredients in (A) till well blended. Add in (1) and mix well. Sieve in (B) and mixed till smooth and lump-free. If batter is on the dry side, add a tablespoonful of water – some purple sweet potatoes can be quite dry.
3. Beat egg whites in (C) till stiff.
4. Add half portion of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture and mix well with a spatula.
5. Pour egg yolk mixture into the remaining white and mix till well-combined. Stir in (D) – sweet potato cubes.
6. Pour batter into chiffon pan. Bang the cake pan a couple of times to release air bubbles in the batter.
7. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes or till cooked.

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