FIFA World Cup 2014 Cake

It’s the 2014 FIFA World Cup Season. While everyone was busy betting on their favourite teams and waking up in the wee hours of the night to watch the match, I was busy with other stuff ( obviously not a fan here). But I realize that everywhere I go ( to work, on the train, malls), every social media site I visit ( facebook, news, instagram etc), I have been bombarded with live updates. Absolutely no escape.


Well so I though to myself, I’ll at least join in the fun and bake a soccer themed cake. DEDICATED to the team I’m routing for in the finals :))) This was actually the second  time I’m making a soccer ball cake. I kind of forgot the shape I was suppose to cut to make up the ball so I cut many pentagons. Only to realize that the pieces of the jigsaw couldn’t fit nicely together. It was then that I realize – the shapes of the ball were actually hexagons.

Oh boy oh boy. How frustrating can things be. Those are the moments that you just wanna cry out loud.

The base cake was made with 2 chocolate layers and 2 vanilla layers to resemble the black and white colors of the soccer ball. I initially wanted to make them checkered but it only clicked when I was assembling my last layer that I did it all wrong ( Another boo boo for this cake ;{ ). Well at least the main soccer ball had the checkered pattern. Lastly grass was piped on- a smooth cream cheese frosting.


Enjoy. Sleep well and don’t forget to eat cake while watching the finals.




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