Pastel Fondant Flower Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcake frenzy again. This time they were baked specially for my church fren’s wedding. 220 cupcakes in total with swirled pastel cream cheese and handmade fondant flowers. 

Made a total of 5 flavours- Red velvet, carrot, vanilla, lemon and chocolate, with red velvet being the most popular yet again. It seems like red velvet are the ones always swooped up first. I don’t know why and I will never seem to understand because there is always a constant supply of red velvet cupcakes in my house. Gosh I am quite sick of them. 

Pastel Swirls come in all sorts of colors. 

As you can see, I’m always up for two toned swirls: 

Sadly, I didnt get to capture the final display of my cupcakes at church because by the time I went down, there were too little left for a decent shot. But I guess it’s good in away that the cupcakes were gone fast enough. 

Only picture I took before packing them up in boxes. 

Congrats once again Derek and Michelle. Happy to be part of your big event and it was my absolute pleasure baking for you guys 🙂 


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