Lychee Rose Cupcakes

There’s always something sweet about the weekends. Last weekend, I wanted to attempt a fruity cake which appeal more to the local tastebuds. What instantly clicked was the flavour- lychee. It’s such a refreshing fruit that sometimes I could just end up eating a whole basket of them.

One color cupcake can tend to be rather boring so I added half of the original batter to my cupcake liners and the other half batter with a little pink edible gel. Did a little swirl to mix those two up and when baked, the colors came out prettier than I had expected 😉

To complement this lychee cupcake was a lychee fruit in the middle, white chocolate mousse centre, white chocolate swirls and a sprinkle of romantic roses!


Happy post Valentines’ Day ( Just Kidding).


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