Ending the Year with a bang!

Christmas is less than a month away! This shows how time flies! There are many things to be thankful for this year but the greatest of all is the love and support Sherbakes got over the year 😉

Couldn’t have done it with all you guys spreading the word around..

There are always constraints to how much I can post on my blog a day but photo sharing is almost instant on these social platforms that I use so follow Sherbakes to get on the go updates anytime, anywhere:

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2) Instagram: http://statigr.am/sherbakes

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Perhaps I should take some time amidst the super busy December period to recap Sherbakes journey in photos:

The first fondant cake I baked- Graduation cake to celebrate with my best pals!

Battenberg cake- The cake I baked for my first Daring Bakers Challenge. It was so pretty that I dedicated this cake to my beloved Mummy.

Candy Crush Cake- The first game cake I did that won over 15K likes on the candy crush fanpage. ( The numbers might have gone up muahaha)

Lightning Mcqueen cake- My first carved 3D Cake

Chocolate Pecan Cookies- The cookie I tried to replicate after coming back from the States:

Durian Mousse Cake- Dreamy smooth rich and GOOD

Portrait cake- The first Daddy Look alike cake I did

 Hippo cake- My first HIPPO fondant Birthday cake baked by mummy

Jelly cake with celery and Bobbas- Quite a disgusting cake interms of the combination but it has all the components my friend loved ( Celery + Pearls).

Kit Kat Cake- A very interesting cake I did

Macarons- Macarons dear Macarons. Success on my third attempt.  I remember the period when I was addicted to making them that I made more than 50 batches in just a few months. Now I’m avoiding them like crazy. 

Pandan Chiffon Cake with Gula Melaka- The cake that spark my interest in chiffon cakes

Rainbow Swiss Roll- My first ever rainbow swiss roll.

Chocolate Shiny glazed Cake- My first chocolate shiny cake with gold dust. 

Spaghetti Cake with meatballs- My first ever Fake savoury cake.

Landmarks of the World Cake- A NIGHTMARE CAKE.

With all that said, Sherbakes is ready to bake on in 2014 😉 CHRISTMAS I am coming for you!! Wheeee Let the baking begin. 


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