Liebster Award

I didn’t even know such an award existed until I received it. A Liebster award is given out to new bloggers in the blogosphere to help them get recognised for their baby steps towards blogging. I was quite the enthu blogger in the past. I recall typing blog posts way past bedtime, in the wee hours of the morning ( sometimes I resorted to bring my laptop to bed with me) or even halfway through studying. Basically I blogged about anything under the sun. I even had combined blogs with a few of my very close friends. 

Then as things got rather busy, blogging suddenly became secondary. This Sherbakes webby was born with the sole intention of creating a gallery of what I baked- with a description or two about the stuff I bake and nothing more. Now, its time to rethink and perhaps revive this blogger in me. 

Anyway, I am honoured to be nominated by Jen from Topateonyourplate for this award. 

Here are the official rules for the Liebster Award:

Only food bloggers with less than 200 followers can be nominated 

I must thank the blogger that nominated me by linking back to their blog in this post. 

To share the love, I will nominate 5-10 food bloggers that I love, with a link back to their blogs, and post a comment on their blog letting them know that they’ve been nominated. 

No tag backs, but a blog can receive the award more than once. 

I need to answer the 10 questions asked by Topateonyourplate, and then ask 10 questions to the bloggers that I nominate. 

The blogs I nominate are:

1) Flirty Foodie 

2) Foodie Alchemist 

3) Food and everything else

4) The Cheery Baker

5) Adventures of a movable feast

What is your favorite post from your blog? Without a doubt, my adventures in Europe where I did what I did best- touring the world in search for good food/ desserts and building up my portfolio 😉 

Whats your favorite: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? I love Pinterest!! 

What is your strength as a blogger? Love to share my passion and love for food with people. 

What is your most memorable meal? Sea Urchin. I’ll never forget how my body reacted to that.

Wine, beer or spirits? Nah

What ingredient could not not live without? Chocolates

What is your top desired travel destination? Hmm this is a tough one. Countless. But I’ll really love to visit Maldives one day. 

What is your favorite food blog?  Tartelette by Helen Dujardin. Amazing food photography 

What state/country do you live in? Sweet Sunny Singapore

What are you blogging goals?  To keep this blog going and improving as I go along 😉 

10 questions for my nominated bloggers are:

1) Do you prefer cooking or baking
2) Favourite restaurant in the world
3) Favourite book
4) Who inspires you the most
5) How do you like your eggs done?
6) Name one superpower you would like to have
7) What food can’t you live without
8) What is your greatest talent that you could use to inspire others
9) Do you prefer savoury or sweet
10) Where would you like to travel next 


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  1. chrissy
    December 5, 2013 / 3:50 pm

    Congratsss!!!:D awesome blog;D

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