Pandan Cupcakes with Gula Melaka Cream Cheese Frosting

It’s time to move over from Pandan chiffon cakes to cupcakes. Reason being: Firstly, waiting time is significantly reduced from 55min to say 15-20 min. Secondly Good things are best eaten in small quantities 🙂 Thirdly I like taking photos of cupcakes. Hahahas



Had some leftover cream cheese in the fridge which I didn’t want to put to waste so I added in some gula Melaka to compliment the pandan cupcakes that I baked.

The Gula Melaka cream cheese frosting is to die for. I simply am in love with this frosting. The pandan cupcakes could do with further improvement. 🙂

Happy Monday! Hope your day isn’t as blue as all Mondays are suppose to be.

Baking will take the blues away 🙂


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