Minions Cake

After the candy crush saga and the hello kitty craze(rage), now comes the minions. Oh my bee po bee po! I was a late watcher of DM2 so I wasn’t so crazy about them even after the weekly launch of Happy meal toys at Mac. Blessing in disguise I guess. I can’t imagine eating macs every week! But now that I’ve seen the movie, I can totally comprehend why people behave that way. I always wanted to bake a minion cake but there was no occasion for that so when my fellow colleague requested for one, I was elated at this opportunity.

This was a pretty easy cake to manage given the simplicity of each minion. Half a cylinder shape, enormous eyes, blue jumper, standing hair and we’re good to go!

Goodnight little minions! Sleep tight



And my favourite of them all is grumpy Jerry. Look at his adorable grumpy self while Dave is having fun!


Beeee doo Beee doo


The two little twinnies 🙂


Minions having tea (Cup is too big for them)




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