London Trip (Part one)

I am finally back to reality after my trip to Europe. Traveling to that side of the world was indeed an eye opening experience. What started out as a plan to celebrate my bf’s graduation was slowly turned into more of a foodie expedition. With a bunch of like-minded foodies, we were more than ready to devour some parts of Europe mainly London, Paris, Switzerland and Italy in 3 weeks!

We initially booked a return flight to London for 2 weeks. After contemplating, we decided to extend our trip by another week since we were already so far from home. Boy was I really glad we did because we ended up packing in Switzerland and Italy to our itinerary. Both countries were unique in their own way.

Our flight took us directly to London Heathrow airport. By the time we arrived, it was close to 5pm and we wanted to find the quickest yet most cost saving way to my friend’s house, located all the way to the other end of the underground tube and further. As with all other tourists entering the country for the first time, we were lost by the massive number of lines they have. The solution to ease all our headaches was to cab there. Considering the distance ( a 3+ hr drive we found out due to the peak hr jam!) and number of suitcases we all had, it was really a good call to have taken a taxi there.

Though slightly far from central London, we pretty much got used to the Romford district where we stayed for the rest of our London trip. After reaching the house and some chit chatting with Edna and her family, we set out, all wrapped up from the cold and hungry from the 13 hour flight + 3 hr drive to the nearest mall and had our first English dinner. MEAT and Yorkshire pudding- one of the English speciality dish that is usually served with roast meat and gravy.

Beef pot pie drenched with red wine. 

One of Edna’s English dinners 

With only 3 days in London, we had to prioritize everything from sightseeing to pigging out to shopping. It was truly insane. I had to keep comforting myself at the end of the last day that I will be back really soon. If you’re the kind of traveller that likes to stop at every corner to take a picture ( be it the attraction or some random pavement, trust me you’ll need more than a week). I’ll let the photos do more talking then! Enjoy!

Buckingham Palace 

Trafalgar Square 

Windsor Castle- Beautiful! 

Patisserie Valerie 

I lke how their cakes are so gorgeous! 

Pictures paint a thousand words. AND YES I REALLY DO love my eggs benedict! We went scouting around for the best eggs benedict and we pretty much agreed that we liked different components from different restaurants/cafes. From top left: Organic eggs from The Fortnum & Mason ( Gorgeous eggs), Top right ( Eggs benny with a huge slab of smoked salmon from The Wolseley, Bottom ( Eggs benedict with yummy hollandaise sauce from Patissierie Valerie) 

I didn’t get my salted caramel in Singapore on the day they launched but HEY! I got it in London 🙂 

I wished Laduree brought in their cakes and pastries though. 

La Maison Du Chocolat- Known for their chocolates and hot chocs! 

Berries and Crepes from Fortnum! 

 Duck Confit over a bed of lentils

A must go for foodies- Borough Market. Please go during weekends where most shops are opened till late. Oh and I finally found stuff that are cheap in London- BERRIES!!! 

Well. Hello Poppy you have been missed ( Apple poppyseed cake) 

 Hand dived scallops 

 Venison Burger 

Duck Confit Sandwich


MELTED CHEESE potatoes. 

To be continued 🙂 


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