Europe- Venice Italy

We spent a total of 10 Days in Italy, which was in my opinion quite a lot. I wished we had inserted more days into the earlier parts of our trip but well Italy was special in its own way.

Our first stop was Venice- the city of canals, bridges and masks. There were only two modes of transport there- by foot or by boat/gondola/water taxi.


We took the gondola for 40 mins and then explored the rest of the city via foot.

Below are some pictures, mainly food pics taken in Venice. Hope you enjoy!

Near our bnb


I finally found the nutella funpack which I saw on instagram in Co-Op (their supermarket). It was basically crackers with nutella dip and lemonade.

 Fresh cherries on our way to Rialto Bridge

Their famous parma ham

Pizzas pizzas and more pizzas

Gelato shops are in abundance in Italy. Every few metres you walk, there is bound to be one in sight. We had a lot of gelatos throughout the entire trip.

Tiramisu- Supposedly one of the best! Together with Pistachio mousse and pistachio Cannoli


Vongole with white wine/ marinara

Sunset in Venice 🙂

To be continued.


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