Europe Trip- Switzerland

If I had to describe Switzerland, it would be “ totally out of this world”. It’s the perfect place to escape a hectic and fast pace lifestyle. My friend describes Swiss as her childhood dream. Infact, it was a dream to all of us, especially for myself as my only recollection of Switz were pictures of the Swiss Alps in my Geography textbook.

The air there was fresh and the place was indeed clean. So clean that it reminded me of Singapore. It was comforting to experience a little of what we call home here. Only problem was everything was pricey!! Guess we had to adapt with whatever we had on hand ( Cup noodles and mac and cheese!). We spent 2 nights in Zurich and 1 night in Grinderwald/Interlaken.

By the time we arrived in Zurich, it was pretty late so we just spent the night exploring the main train station and finding our way to our youth hostel which was really an epic experience… We had to lug our luggages comprising purchases from London and Paris up a really steep hill.

On the second day, we visited Mount Titlis and Lucerne. It was snowing up the mountains and my ears/hands were freezing.

This was my second occasion seeing snow but I thoroughly enjoyed it though I was suffering from the cold. But very soon all was forgotten when a series of snowball fights started.

Then after, we went for some cliff walking, ice flyer and snow sledging. I started with a beginner sledge and then slowly upgraded to a faster one because the feeling was so awesome, it felt akin to riding a roller coaster. This was way more fun because firstly you did it in the snow, secondly, you have to brace yourself for some uncertainty because when you sledge down the snow, all you can see ahead of you is Snow WHITE and nothing else. You do not know where you are, where your friends are and before you know it, there’s this massive snowwall infront of you and BAM, you crash into it. Thirdly, you do 1 and 2 again with a “I DARE YOU” attitude. Hahass

We ended off with savouring ice creams in the cold.

One thing I’ll never forget about my stay in Swiss was the number of trains we missed while we were there, how we ran for them and how we were stranded close to midnight at the foot of the mountains with no buses/ taxis and bravely trying to hitch a ride from cars that drove past.

To conclude our final 2 days in Swiss, we explored the shopping district of Bahnhofstrasse where tons of watch shops reside and before dusk, we made our way to our beautiful Grinderwald accoms where we had such a magnificent view of the mountains from our balcony.

This was the view from our train on the way to Grinderwald!

View from our Balcony:

 The series of noteworthy food we ate:

 Chocolate Nutella Banana Crepes


 Egg Sandwich


Ovomaltine! To die for! It’s NUTELLA with crunchy wafer kinda cream.



Rosti with melted cheese and mushroom gravy. So So Good!


and the sun sets in Swiss.

 It was that very morning when we were having breakfast with a mountain view that we regretted not staying one more day longer. So long Switzerland and ciao Italia.

To be continued.


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