Cupcakes for Garden Wedding

Another wave of baking frenzy gone! This time round it was 250 cupcakes for my cousin’s wedding reception at Botanical Gardens. To match their theme colors- coral, turquoise and ivory, I decided to go with frostings that replicate those colors. At the end of the day, I must say that the colors were so pretty!!

The coral solid colors vs combined coral/ivory Β swirls

My favourite was the turquoise + Ivory swirls

Put them all together and it looks like a FLAG!!


And since they were going to hold their solemnization at Botanical gardens, I thought it would be extremely fitting to have flower fondant decoration on each cuppycake πŸ™‚ I browse through the collection of ” popular wedding flowers” and finally got down to my final selection of Cherry Blossoms, Hydrangeas, Frangipanis, Calla Lilies and Roses πŸ™‚ The making of these flowers took a few weeks ( including the process of drying, dusting etc)

The Hydrangeas πŸ™‚


Frangipani. At first they looked kinda weird plain white but after petal dusting them with some red and pink, I fell in love with them!


So so in love with them πŸ™‚

Testing out some callalilies

and finally roses πŸ™‚


It was a factory production of cupcakes the day before. It started out shaky but once I got into the rhythm of measuring out flour, sugar, eggs, things went super-fast and soon enough I had a whole table full of cupcakes in red velvet, lemon, vanilla bean and banana! Piping the frosting, though tiring was actually done pretty quickly.Β The last step was to put the ready-made flowers on top of each cupcake and boy was I glad that I had a couple of helpers that day!





Last but not least, I loved the giant cupcake I did for my friend so much that I decided to make one specially for my cousin and his beloved. :). Same cupcake frosting pattern but a mix of coral + ivory frosting πŸ™‚



Final display of the cupcakes with the well decorated table at Botanics :))


With that I’ll shall conclude the chapter on ” Sherbakes in May”.


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