Chinese “xi” Wedding cakes

My aunt ordered 16 carrot cakes as wedding gifts to the Bride’s relatives. Baking the cakes were manageable but frosting them was an ultimate horror and nightmare for me. I finally found something I loathe about baking- frosting a cake.!!


As clean as the photo below might seem (The first cake I frosted), it was actually a disaster halfway through. My arms were aching, back aching, head aching. I remember working through the night trying to the frost the darn cakes, only to find that I was still less than halfway through. OMGGGG! and the best thing was I ran out of cheese to frost the remaining cake. Blame it on my poor measurement. Was it a blessing in disguise? Probably if not I would have carried on till morning and went to office zombie-fied.



Anyway this time round the colors and Chinese character on the cake were chosen to match the wedding theme.  The “Xi” characters were handpainted with red food gel.


To sum it all up, it was a memorable 2 days but nevertheless I’m glad everybody liked them!





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