Bunny Carrot Cake!

2 of my closest pals came over to my house to bake for our beloved Bunny Mama Lover Friend who is seriously obsessed with Bunnymama. She Stalks that bunny on instagram like nobody’s business. She is particularly adept in expressing her love for that bunny in SOOOOO many ways that irritate me but nevertheless she is awesome and we love her.

Happy Birthday Jies!!

The bunny figurine to remind her of her fav bunny.

And lottas carrot cut out fondant! The main cake was also carrot and cream cheese!


The best part was the above cake was NOT baked by me but by my awesome friends whom I’m so proud of! Talented Bakers in the making. I just sat there to have a free show and occasionally hopped in to snap a picture 😉

To conclude with Su’s fav quote: May our friendship continue to flow like water in the toilet bowl.



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