Chocolate Surprise Cake with Bruleed Meringue

I am always intrigued by the billowing effect of lemon meringue tarts. They look extremely pretty when torched, giving them that campfire effect so similar to s’mores. My love for such tarts, consumption wise is only that little much but these tarts have attitude and the way they present themselves confidently among the rest of the desserts make them a clear standout winner. That’s why more often than not, I find myself more incline to choose them.

But if a dark chocolate cake is in my face. I will gladly 100% bid farewell to that decision. Thankfully, I am not severed to choose between the two because I’m gonna marry them together in what I call a nightmare cake. Nightmare not so much for the time that goes into making the cake but more of me getting a nightmare after an overdose of chocolate decadence, heatiness and what nots.

The initial idea of how this cake came about is very simple. I’m sure you have heard of Mindmaps. We do this all the time before every essay. You have a main focus box and then you branch them out into more lines, sub boxes and let your wildest imagination and creative juices flow. This particular mindmap is straight to the point.. In the center you have cake and branching out are all my favourite components I desire to eat all at once! SO I’m putting them altogether ( Yes, I’m greedy and I want it all)….. Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel Mousse, Chocolate Fudge, Oreo, Chocolate Mousse, Praline Feuilletine, meringue. and chocolate cake. As you can see, this cake has 4 fillings and my favourite of   them all is………… Drum Roll

         PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! Just looking at this picture makes me feel like diving my head into it. 

And of course the main focus of this cake is the meringue which is gonna be torched to give that campfire look I have been eyeing for in every dessert display! 

The only thing about this cake is you won’t know how they taste altogether. It’s that element of  surprise in the final product that makes it all the more excitinggggg… Do you concur.. So I did a 6″     cake + some mini ones and here we go torching them away 🙂 

After tasting this, I have decided to rename it a Sweet Dreams cake in hope that dessert fanatics like me will dream about them even in their sleep. 

Cake from Bottom: Praline Crunch, Hazelnut Frosting, Chocolate Cake Layer, Chocolate Mousse, Generous Sprinkle of Oreo Bits, Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Frosting, Chocolate Cake, Salted Caramel Frosting and finally the Meringue. 



  1. Lisa
    April 13, 2013 / 8:47 am

    I am in awe looking at your cake.

    • Sherbakes
      April 13, 2013 / 2:29 pm

      Thanks Lisa! Your desserts look fantabulous too!

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